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TableStyleType and column freez

Hi there,
two somehow unrelated questions but both concern table formatting in Aspose.Cells.
Given a value of TableStyleType enum, are there methods or helper classes which would allow me to find
name of , say, table header color which is used by this TableStyleType?
For example, if TableStyleType is TableStyleLight16 - table header is blue (sort of).
I would like to have a method (or a generic code snippet ) which would determine this.
The same for other styling parameters (font name, alternating row background, etc).
It appears that one can freeze columns by calling workseet.FreezPanels method.
Is there a way to keep columns freezed in a table after exporting to Html?
In words, ideally, what I would like to see is that if, for example, first two columns are freezed
on a table in Excel then after exporting to Html there is a horizontal scroll bar starting at column number 3 in the exported table.


Thanks for your query.

  1. Well, there is no such method available, you got to write your own logic and custom methods for the task accordingly. There is also a method named “ListObject.TableStyleName” which lets you get/set the table style name.

  2. I tested your scenario/case in MS Excel manually. I confirmed Ms Excel does not keep the freeze panes settings in the output HTML file (I saved as Web page in Ms Excel). The output HTML does not display those frozen panes when opening the file into the browser. In short, Ms Excel does not support this. Aspose.Cells follows MS Excel standards and specifications when rendering to HTML file format. If something is not supported in MS Excel, I am afraid, this cannot be done via Aspose.Cells APIs as the component only supports to create/render MS Excel oriented HTML.