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Are TabStops supported in ASPOSE Word now?


Depends what you want to do with them.

Tabstops are preserved in a document if you open and save it with Aspose.Word. Tabstops are exported to PDF properly. But there is no public API to modify tabstops yet.


I am creating a document using DocumentBuilder.

I am not exporting to PDF or anything.

In this document, in the header section I want to have one line. I will have 3 fields on this one line. I want the first field on the left , the second field in the center and the third field aligned on the right.

Thanks ... maximus_vj

Thanks for the request. This feature is on our task list already. Sorry cannot promise delivery date yet as we are involved in a massive amount of new features. It could come out in several months.

As a workaround you can use a table with three cells and no borders. Put the three parts of text in the three cells and align their paragraphs to left, center and right.


I am doing that right now but the problem is even though I set the border to 0 the border will still appear in the Word, but it won't appear in the print preview.

Is there a way so that when the border is 0 the border won't show up in all views and Print Preview?

Thanks .. maximus_vj

What you see is probably not a border but gridlines. This is a view setting in MS Word. Go to Table / Show / Hide Gridlines.