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Tagging pdf footnotes for text to speech

Hi Aspose Team,

My goal is to have a pdf that can be read out loud by adobe. Currently adobe only reads the main text body and skips over the footnote. I have to find a way to tag the footnote so it can be read as well. Are there any example code for tagging text and for converting text to speech. Thank you!


Aspose.PDF allows you to convert a PDF to Tagged PDF as well as to create a tagged PDF from the scratch. All related code examples are given in the below documentation articles.

Please let us know if you face any issue or need any kind of assistance.

Hi, thank you for your response. I should have specified that we are working with JAVA and not .NET. Is there any such documentation for JAVA?


Please check following article(s) in Aspose.PDF for Java documentation which are related to creating tagged PDFs:

Thank you Asad. So my team is fairly new with the Java environment. Does the aspose team offer any personalized assistance? Are there any such options?


We encourage providing support via our support forums and welcome our customers to post any type of inquiry they have related to the Aspose APIs. You may freely post your issues and inquiries here and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.