Task Notes


I noticed that any string stored to Task.Notes with a linefeed (potentially other special characters) will cause the resulting project to corrupt. Perhaps Microsoft project uses different encoding schemes for special chars, can you look into this?



Thanks for your consideration.

Task notes can’t contain any special characters except " and \n.

For example, I can write:
task2.Notes = “Task Notes with " characters and with linefeeds\nLine 2\nLine 3\n”;

Result string in MPX format will be:
71,"Task Notes with “” characters and with linefeeds?Line 2?Line 3?"

All “?” (question marks) are characters with code 127 (0x7F)

MS Project will read task notes as:
Task Notes with " characters and with linefeeds
Line 2
Line 3

Please, could you give me example of your code?


I found the problem comes from my data source. Ascii decimal values were used instead. Thanks for your help.