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Technical Question about Aspose Total for .Net


We are looking to integrate a .Net SDK to help us generate image previews of documents. I understand Aspose total is not entirely meant for converting document files to images but in our case, that is the primary functionality we are interested in. We would like to know if Aspose Total for .Net can fulfil our requirement or not? Also, we have the following questions about it

  • Is it compatible with both .Net Framework and .Net Core?
  • How many file formats does it support?
  • What is the license cost of this library? Kindly provide complete detail of different pricing models applicable
  • Is this a one-off cost or recurring?
  • Does it provide the ability to manage and control the file size of the image generated? We do not want the images to be so low quality that you can’t read the text in the preview images but also not so high quality that the file size is very big
  • Is the library fast? Can it generate batch images quickly?
  • Will it support all .Net languages primarily C#?

We really appreciate your detailed answer, they will assist us in making the final decision of whether we can use Aspose Total for .Net or not.



Almost all the Aspose .NET APIs (in Aspose.Total for .NET package) supports converting their specific file formats into image. So, you may consider using Aspose.Total for .NET for your scenario/case.
For example, Aspose.Words for .NET supports converting Word document to image(JPG, etc.). Using Aspose.Cells for .NET, you can convert Excel worksheets to image formats. Similarly, Aspose.PDF for .NET support rendering images from PDF. Aspose.Slides for .NET allows you to convert Powerpoint presentations to image format. With Aspose.Email for .NET, you can render images from mail messages. etc.

Yes, mostly the APIs are compatible with both .NET frameworks and .NET Core/Standard.

You may browse relevant docs in each Aspose for .NET APIs and check which and how many file formats are supports. There is long list of the supported file formats in each API. For example, see the supported file formats by Aspose.Words for .NET. Similarly, see the supported file formats in Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Please post your queries regarding licensing in Aspose.Purchase section. One of our sales staff members will assist you soon there.

Yes, mostly APIs provide means to render quality images along with resolution and dimensions via options/APIs.

The .NET APIs are efficient and robust and can render images from bigger documents quickly. We recommend you to kindly give it a try to Aspose .NET APIs. In case, you find any issue, kindly let us know with details and resource files, we can check it and may help you to fix the issue(s) soon.

Yes, .NET APIs are mostly written in managed C#, so these can be used with any other language supported in .NET platform.

We would be also curious to know which particular file formats or Aspose for .NET APIs you will be using. Please feel to write us back if you have further questions or queries. We will be happy to assist you soon.