Temporary copy


Dear sir,

I am using the Aspose.excel to create an excel sheets, but when the file is created and viewed in the browser a copy of the file is saved in the Temporary internet Folder. I would like to know if there is a way or an option in the Aspose.Excel to prevent it from writing a copy of the excel file to the temporary internet folder.

Note: I need the information as soon as possible.



Hi Fadi,

When you viewed excel file in the browser, MS Excel automatically saves a copy in the Temporary internet Folder. If you want to avoid this,
you can choose “Save”, not “Open” when the prompt message is shown.


Dear Sir,

what I need to know is: if I use the excel.open option to be in the memory streaming will it solve my problem and the file will not be saved in the temporary internet folder?

I am asking this for a security reason, I want to provide our customers with an option to view their account statements, however I don’t want this statement to be saved in the temporary internet folder so that other people can view it. if you don’t have an option that prevent it from being saved do you have an option to delete the saved file?

Note: you can also advice me of a solution to solve the problem like other .net application that I can write to delete the file.




When you send excel file to client, it’s out of control of Aspose.Excel. It’s impossible to delete the file on a client machine if your program running on the server machine.

If you want to show the Excel file on client’s browser, I think you cannot avoid the temorary copy on client machine.


Dear sir,

but as you know there are meta tags that you can embed in the browser to disable the cash and as such will prevent the file from being saved in the temporary internet folder. but since the aspose.excel will generate the page when viewing them so maybe you can add with it those metatages or add a small command that deletes the file.

It is important from a security point of view that this issue be solved, cuase this may prevent big companies and especially banks from using your application.



When MS Excel open the file from internet, it cannot open it from memory. So it automatically create a file in temporary directory.

Please try the OpenInBrowser option in your program. You can see that when you close the browser, the temporary copy will be deleted automatically.


Hi Laurence

Sorry for asking too much questions, but if i use the open in a prowser option it will still give the user with an option to save or open the file?
do have other alternative or solution for this issue?



If user chooses to save the file, he can save the file at the directory as his wish. If he chooses to open the file, he can open the file in browser and when he closes the browser, temporary file is deleted.

This option is a routine of IE. I cannot change it. And I don’t think it will cause security problems.