Text alignment visual bug with SSRS2008

If you have a textbox, then you add text seperated by a line break (using VbCrLf), the text alignment for all rows but the bottom will always be left aligned. For example, if you center the text in the textbox in the report, all rows in that textbox should be centered. However, after being exported to PPT/PPTX, only the last row in the textbox is centered, all other rows are left aligned.

This is easy to reproduce with the latest version of Aspose.Slides with SSRS2008:

a) Create a new report.
b) Add a textbox.
c) Add the following expression:
="row1" + vbCrLf + "row2" + vbCrLf + "row3"
d) Set the TextAlign property to "Center".

All three rows in this textbox should be centered. They are when viewing the report and when exporting to TIFF. But when exporting using Aspose.Slides this is not the case.

Hi Stefan,

An issue with issue id 13326 has been created on our Issue Tracking System. Our development team will investigate for fix. This thread has been associated with the issue, so you will get an automated notification as soon as this issue is resolve.

This bug still exists in release 3.4.0.

Hi Stefan,

We are extremely sorry for your inconvenience.

I have reproduced the issue by generating a report as per your steps and I am afraid the text alignment issue is still not completely solved. We appreciate your quick response as customer feedback is always valuable in maturing the product. I am forwarding the request again to development team and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thanks and Regards,