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Text and date formatting issues in GridDesktop

Cells.GridDesktop V2.0.3.2000, have a grid on a WinForm, I format cells to “Text” using right click menu->Format Cells", change cell range to be “Text”, then cut and paste from Excel numbers with leading zeros. Even though the cell is formatted as “text”, leading zeros disappear. Excel behaves differently, preserving leading zeros (but shows “number formatted as text”) warning. The net result is that I cannot cut and paste from Excel into Aspose Desktop grid without losing data. Your Web Grid product, when column formatted as text, works correctly. Easy to duplicate, just create a Winform app, add DesktopGrid on a form, run and try pasting data with leading zeros from Excel, or entering data with leading manually into a cell formatted as text.

Similarly, there is an issue with Date format. Format cell as “text”, cut and paste or enter data which is a date only, no time. Data is shown as a date WITH “12:00:00 AM” appended to the text. Again, easy to duplicate, just drop a DesktopGrid on the form, format column as text.

Last, (far less important), you appear to lack a 4 digit year US Date format, which is one reason I do text format above. But at least the data is displayed with a 2 digit year correctly; it is not terminal, but confusing to users that paste from 4 digit year Excel spreadsheets

I am very desperate for a fix, this is a show stopper since I cannot cut-and-paste data from Excel…


1) and 2).

We found the issues as you have mentioned. We need to enhance the behavior accordingly. We will figure it out soon. We have logged it into our issue tracking system with an issue id: CELLSNET-14404 .

3) I think you may try some custom formatting: “yyyy-MM-dd”. If this is not the case, could you explain which format type you are talking and how the 4 digit year is not rendered when copying/pasting values from Excel to the control. We will check it soon.

Thank you.

The end user is the one that needs to be able to format the cells; even if I were to advise them to use a custom format, there is no custom format in your format cells dialog for the desktop grid. Also, that still would be too cumbersome, my end users are pretty unsofisticated data entry clerks, they should not need to custom format something as simple as a standard US format dataWhat’s needed is a new MM/DD/YYYY date format; with 4 digit year, you already have a MM/DD/YY format in the Format Cells->Number->Date dialog, you also have YYYY/m/d format. I’d be more or less happy with m/d/YYYY (1 or 2 digit month and day), but a 2 digit month and day would be ideal.2 Digit formatting makes dates line up nicely in a columnar form,while 1 digit day/month makes things appear jagged and hard to compare. As far as the need for a 4 digit year, we cut and paste data from spreadsheets received from outside vendors; and most of the data we receive has a 4 digit year…


Thanks for the explanation.

Now, we understand your requirement, we have also add this to your feature request list. We will look into / analyze it soon.

Thank you.

Any status on when this will be fixed? Both problems (dropping leading zeros and adding time to date fields) make the grid unusable in my application (and probably for others too…

Are there any plans to add “tag” property to the cell object or as a collection to the worksheet? This property would be accessible by code, but nor use, similar to how “tag” works on many controls? This would allow the code to mark (tag) a cell (or row/column), or attach a DB table key to a row without resorting to a hidden column. In my particular case I need a way to mark a cell range as “processed” after a user selects a cell range and clicks a button sending data to the server; I don’t want to re-submit unchanged data for speed purposes (we are using a slow web service as a proxy for data access) and also to avoid creating duplicate data logging records when data is processed on the server… This would be probably best accomplished via Tags collection, kind of like Aspose is handling comments. Right now I am forced to maintain an array in my code, but then I am prone to getting my row/column indexes misaligned when user adds/deletes grid rows/columns.


Thanks for following up.

We got a very busy schedule and could not find more time to analyze your features yet. Moreover, for adding tag feature, we need to check it first. Anyways, we will look into your suggested features and get back to you soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Please try the attached latest version. We have fixed the issue of leading zeros and the date format of MM/DD/YYYY is supported now. We will continue to work on your requested features.

Thank You & Best Regards,


Please try the attached version. The feature of setting MM/DD/YYYY and M/D/YYYY date formats with Format Cells dialog box is supported now in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop v2.0.3.2003 (attached). Please try it now.Moreover, the previous fix (Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop v2.0.3.2002) does not support these features.

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 14404) have been fixed in this update.

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