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Text boxes swap from bold to not bold

I am having a problem where some of my text boxes are swapping formatting. Text that is bold in my source document is not in the created document. Text that is not bold in my source document is in the created document. I have attached both source documents that are being combined to get the one created document.

Thanks in advance

I am using the latest version of you software.
Here is my code:

To clone all slides
foreach (int order in orders)
SPFile file = ordermap[order];

// Read the file into a byte array
byte[] b = file.OpenBinary();

// Read the powerpoint into Aspose
Presentation src = new Presentation(new MemoryStream(b));

// Copy all of the slides into the destination powerpoint
int numslides = src.Slides.LastSlidePosition;

for (int i = 1; i <= numslides; i++)
Slide slide = src.CloneSlide(src.GetSlideByPosition(i), dst.Slides.LastSlidePosition + 1, dst, new SortedList());

if (i == 1 && !slideID.ContainsKey(order))
slideID.Add(order, slide.SlideId);
Later to clean up master slides
Slide mastrSld = dst.GetSlideById(frontSlide.MasterId);
foreach (Slide slide in dst.Slides)

source 2


Sorry for the three posts, but it wouldn’t let me put all three .ppt on one post.

Dear hensods,

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Thanks for reporting, we will fix this bug as soon as possible.

Any ideas on how long this will take to fix? This is a pretty big problem for my application. I just wanted to know if there is a timeframe.


We are working with this and couple of other problems just now.
So most probably fix will be available on weekends.

Dear hensods,

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The bug has been fixed in Aspose.Slides