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Text cell overlaps with lower cell

2x3 table. The cell 1x2 has a long text that overlaps with the lower cell (the 2x2 cell). Why? I have set the setWrapText(true), so the cell have to be grow at width as long as the text grows, thus this overlaps would never happen
Please see the attached picture to see it graphically. Besides I also attach the java source code that produces that scenario.
Thanks in advance.
Environment: Windows XP. JDK 1.4 Aspose.Slides

Dear Juan,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Slides

I have checked the problem, it happens when you bolden the text by this line below


If you comment it, it will not occur.

I have reported this bug for a fix.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Although In the example I've provided before it is solved doing what you said. I've run my complete PptExportation without setFontBold line and the overlaps continues. See attached image.

PD: In deed we not just considering but we have purchasen a license of aspose.slides. So, Because of my status of licensed-one I have a general question. Do I have "premium access" (or something, call it whatever) to try to solve this issue?

PD2: current user I'm using is not the one that own the license.

Kind regards

Dear Juan,

Thank you for purchasing Aspose.Slides for Java.

I have rechecked and found out that problem was not due to bold font, it was due to font height and it doesn’t work fine for font height < 17, so set your font greater or equal to 17.


I don’t know, you have premium access or not. Please post your query on Aspose.Purchase Forum


Thanks for your reply. Congratulations for finding the issue so quick.

However the solution your propose is not acceptable for my develop, 17 height is too big font!

So, when do you expect to solve this issue?

Thanks for your time,


Dear Juan,

Please use the latest version of Aspose.Slides for JAVA, which can be downloaded from this link.