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Text labels and text block orientation

Is there anyway to change the oriention of text blocks (and/or graph notes)? and the relative z-order of the text?

We have a table which contains multiple rows and columns and need to place some text annotations. The annotations may span multiple rows, columns.

…1 |.L…|…| (ignore the dots – they should be whitespace)
… |.A.O.|…LABEL…|
…2 |.E.E…|…ONE…|
… |.L…|…|

LABEL ONE spans rows 1 and 2 in column A and should be rotated 90 degrees
LABEL TWO spans rows 1 and two and columns B and C

Column A has a background color
Columns B and C have a different background color

Somewhere in each row we need to display a diamond shape which chould

The label taxt should always be on top to the background color and the diamond shapes should be on top of the label text.

GraphNotes don’t wrap. Also a Graph contained in A1 which extends into A2 will be partiall obsured by the bacground color in A2.

Neither text blocks or graph notes appear to support rotated text.

What I would like is some type of free floating text block which does not affect the flow and positioning of other paragraphs. And some form of user controllable layering (or z-order) so I could control which objects appear on top of other objects.

Dear tbjerstedt,

Thanks for your consideration.

We are now trying to add support for free floating text . If we can finish this work in several days, we will give a fix; otherwise we have to do this work in the next release. I will reply to you soon.

Will free floating blocks also include the ability to roatate text?

Dear tbjerstedt,

Thanks for your consideration.

Text rotation is not supported currently. We can consider to add support for rotation when we work for the free floating text, but we have to do these work in the next release.