Text.Margin seems to be ignored


I'm creating a Text object and set its Margin.Bottom to be 10.0. Then I create another Text object and put both of them into 1 Cell (one after another). The gap between the paragraphs is still 0 (Margin seems to be ignored).

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Thank you for considering Aspose.

I am unable to reproduce this error. What I think that the margin property work for a paragraph, but in case of cell it related to the borders of the cell. It is because Cell is also a paragraph. Hence the difference between the two paragraphs is not shown.



1. Cell doesn't derive from Paragraph, so there is no reason to treat like one.

2. I'm explicitly setting the Text margin, so why should it be related to the cell's borders? There are other ways to control cells borders.



Dear Eddie,

  1. Cell is a paragraph and hence can possess all the features which a paragraph should have. You can check our documentation for more detail on it. Please refer to:


  1. Yes, it might be done with some other ways as well. But for the cell, cell’s border should be used for this purpose.