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Text spans into multiple portions


I’m using Aspose.Slides (v to replace text in existing presentations and keep their original format.
To accomplish this I’m iterating through the portions of each slide to find the text to replace which in my case is {string1.string2}.

The problem is that the text to replace sometimes spans into multiple portions like “{”, “string1.string2” and “}”, making the replacement process to ignore those strings.

Is it possible to merge those portions into one or replace text across portions preserving formatting?

Attached there’s a sample PowerPoint document that reproduces this issue.


Hi Dan,

I have observed your requirements and regret to share that there is no such option for merging the portions in case of PowerPoint text. Actually, the text is classified in to paragraphs and portions based on certain properties. What I can offer you in your scenario is either to replace text on paragraph level and then apply the font related properties on replaced text on portion level. Second, option is to copy the portion properties. Please visit this documentation link for your kind information to copy portions and paragraphs.

Many Thanks,