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Textbox doesn't print

Hi Roman,

I’ve got a template which prints correctly, but the merged document does not:
one of the textboxes never prints (it appears rendered correctly). Also, the
trademark text (the last line, right justified) is rendered as left justified.
Any ideas?


Hi Abdim,

Please email the original document to and I will have a look at the textbox issue.

Last paragraph of the document loses formatting, this is a known issue for us and we will fix it. In the meantime you can work it around if you add another empty paragraph after your trademark text.

In this case all of your textboxes and shapes where anchored to the first character in the document and it seems like the first text box had really strange problem when printing. It was otherwise okay and visible in view and even in print preview mode, but not on the paper.

Basically a shape in a Word document is represented using an invisible character and it seems the problem was to print a shape that occurs as a first character in the document.

I’ve worked this around by moving the shapes’ anchors just to the next paragraph in the document so they are no longer attached to the first character in the document.

I will send you the modified document.

Thanks Roman. It works now.