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TextFrames change size in cloned slide


I am inserting slides from one presentation into another using the four parameter cloneSlide. Unfortunately one of the TextFrames in the inserted slide becomes skinnier. Is there a way I can programatically force the TextFrame to keep its size?

I know that if I manually set the Scale height and width properties to 100%, the TextFrame will maintain its shape. However, I am not the only person creating these presentations that will be inserted. I cannot see a way to set these height and width properties through the API. I did notice the TextFrame.setFitShapeToText() method, but it doesn't appear to do what I need. I called it on the source slide before it was inserted into the other presentation and after it was inserted. Nothing seemed to make a difference.

I have attached my test program and sample presentations that show the problem.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer

This problem was fixed in 1.4.1 (for java) version.