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TextStamp height not respected

I add a text stamp with a particular height and width but if I put a large amount of text into the stamp it doesn’t respect the height of the text stamp. The height of the stamp is increasing and the text overflows into the rest of the document.
AsposePdf.TextStamp textStamp = new AsposePdf.TextStamp(txt);
Facades. Stamp stamp = new Facades.Stamp();

            textStamp.MaxRowWidth = width;//.Width = 100;
            textStamp.Width = width;
             textStamp.Height = 100;
            textStamp.Scale = false;//.MaxRowWidth = 100;//.Width = 100;
            textStamp.WordWrap = true;
            textStamp.TextState.CharacterSpacing = 1f;
            textStamp.Justify = false;
        // set whether stamp is background
        textStamp.Background = isBackground;
        // set text properties
        textStamp.TextState.Font = FontRepository.FindFont(fontName);
        textStamp.TextState.FontSize = TxtSize;

We are looking into this issue and will share our feedback soon.

Any Update?


We were able to notice the similar issue at our end. However, could you please share an expected output PDF document for our reference along with the text of stamp you want to add using API in same format. We will further proceed to assist you accordingly.

any update for this point


We were able to replicate the issue at our end. However, we requested you to share a sample expected output PDF which you want to obtain using the API so that we can proceed to logging the ticket accordingly and share it with you.

this is PDF File Grid (2).pdf (474.1 KB)
in page 2 you have found tow one stamp and one signature I want when I set heitgh to stamp the result must be as signature


During testing the scenario with Aspose.PDF for .NET 21.4, we noticed that the text stamp was being added with a black background color instead of transparent. Hence, we have logged a ticket as PDFNET-49827 in our issue tracking system for further investigation. We have also recorded your original requirements along with the ticket. We will further look into its details and keep you posted with the status of its resolution. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks in advance any update?


The ticket has recently been logged in our issue management system and is pending for investigation at the moment. Please note that we will analyze and resolve it on a first come first serve basis and will inform you once it is fixed. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.