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The databar expended stacked barcde can not be scanned

At this time I am reassembling stacked engine.

Thanks, Just let me know once you need a barcode verification.

Hi All,

I just notice there is a new release 21.4 wondering if this release contains a fix for the databar issue. if not can i have a timeline so i can update the team.


This issue is not resolved yet, hence it is not part of the latest release. We will notify you here once the issue is resolved or any other update is ready for sharing. We cannot share any ETA right now but will try to share expected time at the earliest. (441.9 KB)

Here is set of newly generated images, could you check them please.

Thanks, will do it. wondering if i did not set the row and column how does the api format the barcode in different row. what is the logic behind?

At new build will be:

  1. Default is 4 data patterns in row
  2. if set one of the columns or rows the engine tries to fit data patterns to these values. Columns must be divisible on 2 if not it will set to upper value divisible on 2 (3->4).
  3. If columns and rows both are set (at previous version it throws exception) in new the engine tries to fit the value with longest row, so if with row value have 6 data pattern in row and column value have 4, it will be set with 6 data pattern in row.
  4. maximal columns count is 20, minimal 2. However composite barcode (Databar + EAN13) have minimal value is 4 but you have to set value 4 manually.

Thanks, one more question . by looking at the image you generated the font of the text showing nicely according to the width(x-dim) of barcode which method are you using?

I am using the setFontSizeXDimAutoRatio i think it would be deprcated in new release.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is .net code which I used for test images generation

BarcodeGenerator gen = new BarcodeGenerator(EncodeTypes.DatabarExpandedStacked, codetext);
gen.Parameters.Barcode.DataBar.Rows = rows;
gen.Parameters.Barcode.DataBar.Columns = columns;
gen.Parameters.Barcode.DataBar.Is2DCompositeComponent = is2DCompositeComponent;
gen.Parameters.Barcode.DataBar.IsAllowOnlyGS1Encoding = isAllowOnlyGS1Encoding;
generator.Parameters.Barcode.XDimension.Pixels = 7;
if (hideCodetext)
gen.Parameters.Barcode.CodeTextParameters.Location = CodeLocation.None;
return gen;

However I think you need row like this to automatically fit text size:

generator.Parameters.Barcode.CodeTextParameters.FontMode = FontMode.Auto;

Hay All,

please see the test result.

File Name Verification Result Comment
databar_client_01 PASS
databar_client_02 PASS
databar_client_03 PASS
databar_client_04 PASS
databar_client_05 PASS
databar_client_06 PASS
databar_client_07 PASS
databar_client_08 PASS
databar_client_09 PASS
databar_client_10 PASS
Databar_iso_01 PASS
Databar_iso_02 PASS
databar_own_01 PASS
databar_own_02 PASS
databar_own_03 PASS
databar_own_04 PASS
databar_own_05 PASS
databar_own_06 PASS
databar_own_07 PASS
databar_own_08 PASS
databar_own_09 PASS
databar_own_10 PASS
databar_own_11 PASS
databar_own_12 PASS
databar_own_13 PASS
databar_own_14 PASS
databar_own_15 PASS
databar_own_16 PASS
databar_own_17 PASS
databar_own_18 PASS
databar_own_19 PASS
databar_own_20 PASS
databar_own_21 PASS
databar_own_22 PASS
databar_own_23 PASS
databar_own_24 PASS
databar_own_25 PASS
databar_own_26 PASS
databar_own_27 PASS
databar_own_28 PASS
databar_own_29 PASS
databar_own_30 PASS
databar_own_31 PASS
databar_own_32 PASS
databar_own_33 PASS
databar_own_34 PASS
databar_own_35 PASS
databar_own_36 PASS
databar_own_37 PASS
databar_own_38 PASS
databar_own_39 PASS
databar_own_40 FAIL symbol error (invalid AI)
databar_own_41 FAIL symbol error (invalid AI)
databar_own_42 FAIL Required CC component not found
databar_own_43 FAIL Required CC component not found
All files were resized to 600dpi (Photoshop read them as 96dpi)


About databar_own_40 and databar_own_41. Databar specification has special encoding mode 00 which allows you to encode any text (only text size restricted) like in Code128 without GS1 encoding. To check is your text GS1 compliant you can set IsAllowOnlyGS1Encoding. These two images are mostly for test purposes.

About databar_own_42, databar_own_43. We have added manual flag of 2D composite component which is set with Is2DCompositeComponent option and in this mode Databar can be combined with EAN13 or MicroPDF417 barcodes. In most cases both of these barcodes are encoded together but we didn’t have this request so we added ability to encode 2D component flags separately. These two images are also for test purposes.

All files were resized to 600dpi (Photoshop read them as 96dpi)

Yes, default resolution is 96 dpi, I didn’t changed it but you can change generated image resolution with barcode parameters.

Many Thanks . Does it help to release a fix for the data bar expended stacked soon? if so can i have an ETA?


Yes, The fix is already added to merge and it will be in .Net 21.5 release, and it will be ported to Java in 21.6 June release.

oh! The production date in java version is pertty behind of our release date.

Thank you for the update anyway.