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The letest version Words for Java can support part being output to temporary place

Sometimes, the output document is very large and consume lots of memory before output it into a file, it perhaps caused to out of memory error. So I wonder the latest version can support output part of the document to a temporary file?



Thank you for your request.
Sure, you can specify temporary folder. Please take a look at the class DocSaveOptions and its property TempFolder. Please note this option is available only for DOC format at the moment. If you have any questions during the implementation, please contact us.

If I have a large document DOM structure in memory, and more and more nodes will be added into this DOM. This behavior will cause out of memory error. I wonder if there is any options or configurations that can control the Aspode Word for Java library output the DOM structure into a temporary folder, so I can continue to add more nodes to the DOM structure?



Thank you for additional information. No, unfortunately, there is no way to write DOM directly to the temporary file. Also, I would not recommend you to generate such large files because even MS Word does not like them. It is better to use few small documents instead one huge document.

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