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"The license is not valid for this product."

  • Using an Aspose.Total.lic file for a C#/.NET solution

  • License file is in the bin beside the DLL

  • Trying to use Aspose.Cells

    Aspose.Cells.License license = new Aspose.Cells.License();

  • SetLicense() returns the error "The license is not valid for this product"

  • Searched Aspose support forum for others with the issue

  • Found using too new of a DLL can be a problem

  • License file expired January 16th 2020

  • Downgraded Aspose.Cells.dll to version 20.1.0 (Published January 15th 2020) - same issue

  • Downgraded Aspose.Cells.dll to version 19.12.0 (Published December 17th 2019) - same issue


Was your license working with any older versions (e.g v19.2, v19.3, etc.) of the product(s) previously? You might be using wrong license for wrong products line or platform. Anyways we need to check your license file to evaluate your issue. Please zip the license file first. Click on my name and then click “Message” button. Now attach the license file and post us. We will check it soon.


I received your license via private message. I simply checked your license by opening it into notepad (please do not update your license file contents least it will not work any more). I found your license is for Aspose.PDF for .NET API (see some contents which I pasted copying from your license data) so it will work only for Aspose.PDF for .NET API:

<OEM>This is a redistributable license</OEM>
<Product>Aspose.Pdf for .NET</Product>

It will not work with Aspose.Cells for .NET or any other Aspose components. Moreover, it is not Aspose.Total license (you might have renamed it from Aspose.PDF.lic to Aspose.Total.lic manually) either. To use Aspose.Cells APIs, either you may purchase Aspose.Cells license or Aspose.Total package license. If you purchase Aspose.Total license, you may use it with any Aspose .NET APIs.

Should you have any queries regarding licensing, you may visit Aspose.Purchase section.

Ahh that makes a lot of sense…

We renamed the new license to the name of the old license when changing stuff around.
I forgot we had done that.

Thank you for your help.


You are welcome.