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Thumbnail trasnparency

When we use ASPOSE to make a thumbnail of a slide that uses transparent images on a colored background, the transparent images are turned into white boxes. This happens when using the GetThumbnail(size) method. slide.GetThumbnail(size)


We will look into it and fix it. Can you please provide an example presentation and code to replicate it?

Attached is a file that shows the error. Attached is also teh thumbnail produced by the aspose.slides

Thanks again!

I provided a sample is there any update on this?

We will let you know once it is fixed.

It's statements like that which are frustrating. Keep in mind that we are developers ourselves and service customers too... if you can better set expectations you will have greater support from guys like us.

A statement like:

We will, of course, let you know when it's fixed. However, we hope to have somethign to you that is testable in a few ____ (days/weeks/months).

A simple statement like that would allow us to go back to our clients and say we're waiting and this is how long you shoudl expect to wait. It will cut down on the number of "are we there yet" messages and emails that are all over this forum.

I will let you know the timeline after discussing with technical team, usually it takes one or two weeks for a fix if the cause of problem is found, but it can take longer, if the problem is serious.


I’m afraid this issue can’t be fixed at all. Ppt file doesn’t have enough information to render it.
This visual effect was created in PowerPoint 2007 and after exporting to ppt format information about transparency was lost.
PNG image doesn’t have any transparent colors. PictureFrame.TransparentColor property also 0.

Something isn't right there. Because, ASPOSE already supports the transparency in the actual slide...

let me try to explain better.

Let's call teh slide that has the transparency slideA

if you CLONE slideA into a new presentation it is fine. However, if you make a thumbnail you get the white background. If there wasn't enough information to make the thumbnail why does it work in slide.Clone?


Cloning and rendering are different things.
Clone just copy whole structure of a slide and change additional information like shape identifiers, ole objects, masters and many other. But it doesn’t change shape formatting (except text).
Rendering parses everything and get all formatting information.

Aspose.Slides supports images transparency and there are 2 ways to set it.
(1) - insert image with transparency to a slide, for example PNG.
(2) - set PictureFrame.TransparentColor property.
In you case both ways don’t work.