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Tif Display in PDF

I have two questions in consideration prior to making my decsion to purchase Aspose.Pdf:
Is it now possible to merge two PDF files together, I noticed that in a posting from last year, that it was not possible, but was being worked on.

Also, I am having a problem viewing a tif file in a PDF. I noticed that some of the methods have been eliminated, and I am not currently able to get a tiff into a pdf. It doesn’t really matter which method is used, direct, or not, but I am not able to get either to work for me today, with the code snippets, and using the existing documentation. If you can help me with these two issues, it would really facilitate my project, and the sample will allow me to provide the proof of concept to my boss prior to purchase. I appreciate your time - Thanks - Scott

Dear Scott,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have to say sorry that the pdf merging function is not available. We have worked on some other urgent task and postponed the development of pdf editing feature. This feature hope to be available in late Sep.

As for the TIF image, would you please elaborate your question? I am sure TIFF image can work well. I will help you if you can’t get it work.