Title Masters?


Are "Title Masters" supported by Aspose?

If so - can you explain how to use them?


Yes, Title Masters supported by Aspose.Slides. You can find them in Slides collection (not Masters).
All title masters looks like as normal slide but have SlidePosition == 0 and SlideId >= 0x80000000.

Normal slide inherited from title master has MasterId equal to SlideId of this master.
Also title master by themself has MasterId equal to SlideId of parent MainMaster.


Thanks Alexey.

I do have a few more questions about how this works - assuming I have a template file with a title master and one blank side - how do I set the first slide to "inherit" from the TitleMaster?

I tried the following but the IF evaluated to false:

_currentSlide = _presentation.GetSlideByPosition(1);

if(_presentation.GetSlideByPosition(0) != null)


_currentSlide.MasterId = _presentation.GetSlideByPosition(0).SlideId;