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To Hide Menubar-tiltlebar and formula bar in aspose cell

Hi Aspose team,

How can I hide menubar,toolbar,formulabar on the generated xls sheet ?



Hi Sushil,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

These features would be available soon.

Thank you.

Hi Sushil,

I think these settings are all saved in MS Excel application settings but not in an Excel file. For example, if you hide formula bar in MS Excel, all Excel file won't show formula bar.

So Aspose.Cells cannot find a way to save this setting in Excel file. Aspose.Cells is an Excel file creation engine. If these settings are not saved in Excel file, we cannot support them.

Hi Aspose team,

Thanks for replys. Let me explain you my question in detail here.

1> If I used MS Excel in c# to and do some data manipulation with different cells and I want to disable or hide menubar and formula I used following code

private Excel.Application ExcelObj = null;

ExcelObj = new Excel.Application();



2> Here in aspose cell i have created instace of object like

Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

with workbook i cannot get properties like display formulabar and other.

If you have any code snippet with which i can set hide property for formulabar and menubar .



Hi Sushil,

For code snippet 1, I think you use Office PIA to manipulate Excel files. With Office PIA, you can manipulate not only Excel files, but also MS Excel's some behaviors.

Aspose.Cells is a spreadsheet creation engine and it's independent with MS Excel. So we can only manipulate Excel files but cannot manipulate MS Excel's behaviors.

With your current PIA code, you can hide menubar,tiltlebar and formula bar in your machine. But if you copy your generate files to other machines, I think they will show again.

So Aspose.Cells cannot support this feature.