TOC getting distorted in multi-lingual scenario

Hi Tilal,

While generating TOC page for English headers, it is getting generated fine, but when we add Spanish/French headers we are facing following issues :

Issue 1 :

When add very long headers they are getting trimmed at the end of the pdf (Observerd in English/Spanish/French headers)

Issue 2 :

Whenever it finds header in Spanish or French, the respective page number is not properly aligned.

Please find the attached PDF file and code used to generate it.

Please share the code and pdf file that will be generated at your end.


Hi Siddesh,

Thanks for your inquiry. We have noticed the reported issue in TOC generation and logged in our issue tracking system as following for further investigation. We will keep you updated about the issues’ resolution progress.

PDFNEWNET-38310: Long TOC entry trimming and page number display issue.
PDFNEWNET-38311: Non-English TOC entry loses page number alignment.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Best Regards,