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Too big file size on genereting PDF report

Hello all,
we want to replace IText product that currently is used in our application to generate PDF report with Aspose.pdf.

The problem is that the same report with Aspose is three time big that with Itext.
For example a report of 353kb now is 980 Kb of size.

Below you will find some details:

  • Both use version 1.7 of the PDF

  • Aspose pdf has metadata associated with the document (xml data) and uses outlines, unlike Itext pdf which does not have them, but this has little impact on the size. We tried to remove them in the generation of the pdf but the gain is a few KB

  • Both use non emdedded fonts

  • We tried to optimaze the generation of file as describe in documentation but the gain was only few kb

  • this is an example of streams for the same page of the report. As you can see, every Aspose streams are bigger than Itext streams.
    -Asposeaspose_pag2.PNG (21.1 KB)
    -Itextitext_pag2.PNG (24.7 KB)

*This is an example of the main stream of the same page. We noticed that Aspose uses an higher precision in position of elements and uses a different encoding of text.
-Asposeaspose_stream.PNG (23.5 KB)
-Itextitext_stream.PNG (23.3 KB)

Could you help us to solve or give us some suggestions to mitigate the issue ?



Thanks for your inquiry.

At the moment Aspose.PDF for .NET offers a way to reduce PDF file size by optimizing it and you can use it to reduce the size. Furthermore, we have logged all your concerns and provided information under the ticket ID PDFNET-51053 in our issue management system. We will surely address them by investigating the ticket in details and let you know once it is resolved. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.