Too many bugs!


Dear Corporate Heads at Aspose:

It really sux that you come out with a new .dll every day (I.E. 10/27/2005, 10/28/2005).

I would rather have something that works than something that fixes my problem but causes a new problem. We are all developers here. I understand the need to be responsive to customers, but it seems that there should be some balance between getting product out the door and quality control.

Every time I make a release I count on your product to function correctly. It really sux if I get the new .dll in to my project and on to production and the very next day there's a new patch to fix something that got broke yesterday!

I like the product, I just wish it was more stable.



Thanks for your input, we do take quality seriously. This article might be helpful

We usually release a hotfix once a week that contains 2-3 new features and fixes for 2-3 issues. We also try to wrap up a bit more new features into a release (essentially same as hotfix, but with a minor version change) at the beginning of a month. That's the way it works well for us and seems to satisfy the customers.

In October it was a little different, we only released Aspose.Word 3.2 and no hotfixes during the month. It was possible because the component was so good that no fixes were to be made urgently.

In the last week of October we worked on a list of issues and features, some recent and some quite old planning to release just one hotfix, but had to make two hotfixes. I must admit one hotfix per day is unusual, but that was done to let some of the customers waiting for solutions to their problems off the hook. Then we continued to finish the batch of the planned work and released again.

As you rightfully pointed out, there was an issue (only one) introduced by the first hotfix. It was quickly dealt with in the test first design manner in the hotfix that followed.