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Too many columns

When I export an Excel worksheet to a user from my app, it opens on their machine with too many active columns (about 200 too many). The rightmost column is VI, and that is the column that the user is sent to if they press . I checked the MaxColumn of my cells collection throughout my the worksheet building process and right before I send it to the user, and the number of columns was always correctly 14. Brand new worksheets opened in Excel do not go to column VI when is pressed, so I’m wondering if something is wrong here. Should I try explicitly hiding all the columns to the right of my filled cells? Is the behavior that I am seeing normal? Is there anything I can do to have the new worksheet open without any columns to the right of my rightmost filled column (14)? Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Josh,

If you press in Aspose.Excel created excel file, it will go to column IV. In Aspose.Excel, the end column is always IV when you press to make the program faster and easier to maintain. Does that bother you? I think in most cases it doesn’t matter.

If you think that isn’t correct, please let me know. I will modify it as your wish.

No problem. I don’t think the file is any larger because of it, so it shouldn’t be an issue. My project’s supervisor simply called attention to it (I hadn’t noticed), but I think it will be fine the way it is. Thanks for the help.


This issue doesn’t matter with the file size. So it will not have any negative influence to your program.