Too many different cell formats



The current excel sheet I am working on has around 30 worksheets. In each sheet we had lots of format based on the data. This runs into the problem with too many different cell formats.

If I do the range formatting first(say format 1), then format some special cell inside the range(say format 2). The special cells will not have format 1. I have to format each individual sometime.

Any solution?

In other thread, I saw ppl uses formula, how does that work? will this solve the too many different cell formats problem? If I set up a range as formula 1, and then format some cells inside that range, will formula1 be lost?

all the sheets are data driven, so I can not hard code the format.

Thank you


just curious, do autofitcolumn and align the column take lot of formatting?


Do you use the latest version? This may be a bug in previous version. Please download the latest version and have a try. Please check for reference.