Tool evaluation questions


We're doing an evaluation of Aspose Slides and I have some questions around performance and architecture.

Our environment is.Net 2.

Do you have any statistics on performance? We anticipate 60 concurrent users accessing the application and generating a single PowerPoint slide consisting of a table with approximately 20 rows of text and numbers.

I'm also looking for an architecture overview of Slides. Do you have anything that you can point me to or send to my office email (



I’m sorry again we didn’t answer this post. Probably you already tested performance of Aspose.Slides.
In our testes generating presentation with only one slide without images and with large table should take 0.5-1.0 seconds. Work with tables is slow enough but optimized as possible.
The most memory and time eating tasks are work with tables and images.

I sent Aspose.Slides architecture diagram to you by email. Please ask if anything is unclear
for you with architecture or you need some other details about Aspose.Slides.