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TOTAL.NET missing NETWORK component and Aspose.Network missing class License


we just installed Aspose.Total for .NET Date added 10-03-2011.

In that bundle the component Network is missing.

We downloaded the component Network and installed it separately.

After compiling the applocation following Statements does not work any more:

Aspose.Network.License network_license = new Aspose.Network.License();

There is no class "Network.License"

Is the Network component no more a part of Total.Net?

Does the Network.Dll works without License setting?

Please help


Hi Bruno,

Thank you for inquiry.

Please refer to our blog post about the changes in Aspose.Network product. Aspose.Network for .NET now contains only network protocols related classes.There is no License class, because it is free now.

Please use Aspose.Email for .NET which contains all the message processing related features.
Visit the migration guide for updating your programs to use Aspose.Email for .NET.