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Trailing blank page - Mergefields - ExecuteWithRegions

I have a merge field word template which loops through a table and repeats the content between the <> and <>. If my input dataset has 3 records and if I want the contents of every record to start on a seperate page how can I do that? I tried inserting a page break right before the <> merge field and it does make every record start on a seperate page except it is generating a blank page at the end. So if there are 3 records it is spitting out 4 pages document and the 4th page is blank.

I am using MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegions(dtOutput) method to generate the document. I am attaching my template that I am trying to merge.

How can I fix this issue? Please help me.



Please also attach the document after being malmerged.

Here is how the document looks after performing mailmerge.

Adding the following code



after MailMerge will solve the problem.

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The code you gave me worked and fixed my problem. Thanks for the help.