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Transition data from pptx

There are classes like SideTransitionEx, EightSideTransitionEx etc. but how do you get info about these when using the function to get the transition type and name? For example, from a pptx file I can only get info about whether it’s a wipe, box etc, but not the direction of transition like we have for ppt. (for ppt, wipe up, wipe left, wipe down etc are mapped separately)

Hi Gaurav,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have tried to understand your problem statement and based on my understanding, please visit following documentation links. I hope this will answer your query.

  1. getSlideShowTransition() method of Slide class
  2. Method Summary of SlideShowTransition class
  3. Field Summary of SlideTransitionEffect

Hi, thanks for your reply.
That works for Slide, but I’m working with a SlideEx instance. We have getSlideShowTransition method for it that returns a TransitionEx object. TransitionEx has a method getType() that returns TransitionTypeEx but the values listed for it don’t include directions etc. For example, we have zoom, wipe, checker but not the direction

Hi Gaurav,

Please visit the documentation of TransitionTypeEx, TransitionValueBaseEx, SideDirectionTransitionEx and TransitionSideDirectionTypeEx.

For Directions, Please visit following documentation links.

CornerDirectionTransitionEx, EightDirectionTransitionEx, EmptyTransitionEx, InOutTransitionEx, OptionalBlackTransitionEx, OrientationTransitionEx, SideDirectionTransitionEx, SplitTransitionEx, WheelTransitionEx