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Translation of Xlsgen to ASPOSE.CELLS

Hello Amjad,
Thanks for your last response.
I went through it & found some very usefull information.
I’m trying to translate the code but i’m not getting suitable classes for Border,BorderType,Alignment, Pattern, Font.
The version which I’m using is 2.5.4.
It would be really helpfull if you can translate this code, as when i’m using different techniques it gives me errors.

<cfset alignmentTechnical.putHorizontal(2)>
<cfset alignmentTechnical.putOrientation(-90)>

<cfset patternTechOrient.putPattern( 1 )>
<cfset patternTechOrient.putBackgroundColor(“13434879”)>

<cfset Top.putStyle( 1 )>

<cfset Left.putStyle( 1 )>

<cfset Right.putStyle( 1 )>

<cfset Bottom.putStyle( 1 )>


For Alignment settings, see the document:

For Font settings, see the document:

(Note: the documentation is updated based on the new release v7.0.x. As you are using older version e.g v2.5.4, so you have to modify your code a bit e.g you need to add the line: style.setFont(font); and cell.setStyle(style)… etc. )

For Borders:

Thank you.