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Treeview - Drag & Drop


I just started to use the Drag and Drop feature and I have some problems.

I found how to accept drop from Outlook and/or Windows Explorer into a TreeView (see DirectoryTreeView1in my sample) but ...

-the treeview does not accept drops from any other control (like other treeviews on the same form)

-the treeview does not accept to move a node within itself!

I need a regular TreeView (like the TreeView2 instance in my sample) but that also accept drops from Outlook and/or Windows Explorer.

Thanks for your post.

We are looking the code and debugging. I will keep you posted.

Best regards


We are still working on this bug. Not much progress by now. :(

I will try the best to fix it before next week.

Thanks for your pacience.


Could you try to use this hotfix?

Let me know if it works,

Best regards,

So far, it seems to be working, I will do other tests later today (and maybe tomorrow).

I have seen that you have sent a debugging version (includes the .pdb file). Will it be possible for you to make a "release" build?


That is a release build but with pdb for helping debug. Anyway, We will release an official build shortly. I will keep you posted.

Best regards.

It seems that I have answered a bit too fast.

Apparently your patch work for a regular System.Windows.Forms.TreeView but we are using a Infragistics.Win.UltraWinTree.UltraTree and it doesn't work.

Can you help me on this?

After some other test, the DragDrop event is working correctly but not the DragOver and neither the DragEnter in which e.Data is nothing!


Thanks for your post.

1. Could you please provide me the code how you use our component and the infragristics'? I will try to repro and debug into it.

2. I will check the dragover event and dragenter shortly.

Best regards,

The DLLs of Infragistics are in the bin\debug folder.

About the DragOver in the Infragistics treeview (bottom-right treeview control):

  • OK = When dropping a tree node from another treeview (from the leftmost one for example)
  • OK = When dropping a email message from Outlook
  • NOT OK = When dropping a file from Windows Explorer in which case e.data is nothing


We are still working on this issue. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience.

Any good news for me?


We have done many investigation, but no luck. It looks like we cannot get the data on DragOver event. Only the DragEnter and DragDrop can get the data as you said.

I suggest you use the DragEnter to get the data and then use it in DragOver it you do need it.


but e.data was Nothing even in DragEnter!

Please try the attachment. Let me know if it works.