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Trouble getting recurrence pattern to work

I cannot seem to get this recurrence pattern to work. I am trying to get the dates for an event that occures every quarter on the 30 of the month. My code is attached please advise.


Dim pattern As New RecurrencePattern
Dim rule As RecurrenceRule = pattern.RRules.Add
pattern.StartDate = CDate(“2005-06-01T13:00:00Z”)

rule.Frequency = Frequency.Monthly
rule.Interval = 3
rule.Until = CDate(“2155-03-31T05:00:00Z”)

Dim dates As DateCollection = pattern.GenerateOccurrences

For Each d As Date In dates

Please delete this post, i just did a search and found that the demo only calculates recurrences up to 12/31/20044

I could not find this limitation anwhere but in the forum. I did a cursory look in the docs but could not find it…

No worries, even if you find a solution for your question, it may be helpful for new potential customers. So let it be, instead of deleting it. OK?