Troubleshooting with word 97 and windows NT


I' m using aspose.word version 3.5 and client side when i open the document word generated by aspose ,the tables and the data are not displayed correctly , if i made the test with word 2003 it's run .

i have read that aspose.word was compatible with word 97....

Could you help me ( is there a patch or an upgrad to applied)


Please attach the document you are having problem with.


there is the same probleme with word 2000:

message from Word : "a table in this document has become corrupted.To recover the contents of the table : Select the table and choose Convert Table to Text from the table menu"


The attached document opened correctly in my MS Word 2000. No error messages were given.

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Yes i have already done this test, i have asking to a user (who has got WORD 2000) to open this file and it's run but if he download directly from my net application an error message appear on his pc .

In this file , I encapsulate a table in another and i think that Word 2000 does not like that.

What think about it?

many thanks!



i give you a another file, with the first attachment , i opened it with my Word and i saved it on my hard disk (it’s the reason why you can open it, i think)


Thanks, I have reproduced the error with the second file. I need however a code and template that can be used to reproduce generation of the files like this. That is necessary to check if the error still exists in the current version.

Or maybe you can dowload the latest version 4.0 beta and check if the error still exists with the latest version. Please let me know if you decide to try it.

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