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True or False Transate to yes or no

i have a question.
i work in a company in holland and i have true or false columns but i want to this
translate to yes or no
is this possible in aspose ?

Could you elaborate your need? Do you want to replace all cells with TRUE value to "Yes" and FALSE value to "No"?

Could a replace method serve your need?

excel.Replace(true, "Yes");
excel.Replace(false, "No");

If yes, I can add this feature to Aspose.Excel. It will be available in the next week.

Yes i want to replace all cells with True value to Yes and false value to NO

Thank you very much

Hi laurance

I must say that i using the designer part van aspose.
i think i can beter use ==> designer.replace(true, "yes")

Is that good?

I will add the method in Excel object and you can use:
designer.Excel.Replace(true, “yes”)

you 're great

Please download and try v3.0.5 at Now you can use the new Replace method.