Two more questions regarding Custom Formatting


Hi Laurence - a couple more questions for you.

When I view the format of an Excel cell, I can choose to format a cell as a Currency. As part of the formatting options for a Currency, I can choose the currency symbol and the number of decimal places I want. My first question is, are these properties (currency symbol and decimal places) available as properties through the Aspose object? My reason for asking is that none of the Style.Number formats offer the option of using ISO Currency Codes e.g. USD, GBP etc. Yet these are available as currency symbols within Excel itself. I know I can create a custom format that could include these symbols, but for various reasons I would prefer to set the format number of a cell as 37 (#,##0;-#,##0), for example, and then further set the Currency Symbol I want to use. Is this possible? Or must I use a custom format?

Secondly, when I use a currency Style.Number - 7 for example ("$#,##0.00;$-#,##0.00") - the Currency symbol that gets outputted seems to be dependant upon the regional settings of the Web Server. Is this correct? If the Web Server's regional setting is French-France then the currency symbol outputted is "". The problem occurs if a User has differing Regional Settings. Then, Excel will attempt to keep the "" by using a custom format. But the cell loses it's currency format - so that if I were to SUM any two cells the result would be a Number and not a Currency. Am I making sense?!

So is there any way to set what regional settings the Aspose object uses - independent of the Web Server? For example, if I know a User wants to view a Currency in French, can I do something to change the Regional Settings that Aspose relies upon? I've tried chaning the CurrentThread.CultureInfo settings (.NET), but that hasn't worked.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Style.Number is the built-in number format in MS Excel. You can check it in your MS Excel. If its working routine cannot satisfy you, I think you have to use custom format. Aspose.Excel can only set the format, but showing the format is MS Excel’s business.