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Un-flatten fields using AutoFiller?

Hi Ken,

I see that the AutoFiller class automatically flattens all the fields. If I want some fields “unflattened”, should I avoid the AutoFiller class and instead manually merge PDFs together using Pdf.Kit?

Also, it seems that when Designer 7 fields are not flattened, any data written to the fields is not rendered in the output PDF. Flattening the fields resolves this problem. Let me know if you can’t reproduce this error and I’ll figure out a way to send this project to you.

Thanks, Natan.

Hi Natan,

1)About AutoFiller, I will provide a new property to support to flatten some fields. It will be ok tomorrow.

2)About the compatibility with the Designer 7, it is really a problem. Just as you said, in Adobe 7.0, only after you flattened the field, you could see the value. But it is displayed well in Adobe 6.0. We are solving this problem. Maybe at the head of next month it will be ok.

Best regards.

Hi Natan,

This is the new hotfix which added a property "UnFlattenFields ".

It can merge pdfs which is not all flattened.
Please download it in the attachment.

Best regards.

Thank you!