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Unable to fix the column width


1.We are trying to create a dynamic table using Aspose in Lotus Notes, using document builder for the same.

Once the table get created, if a word is too long for to fit within the column(using cellfomat.width=50), then the text pushes the column formatting of the next column instead of wrapping the etxt to the next line in the same column.

The below code is used:

Call builder.StartTable()


cellFormat.wraptext=true - DOES NOT WORK

' Insert a cell

Call builder.InsertCell()

cellFormat.Width = 600

builder.Write("Description of Item(s) Requested")

Please let us know how to autofit the column to fixed column width(This is the same property that is present in MS word)

This is very urgent. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks fot your request. Please try using the following code:

Document doc = new Document();

DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Insert a cell


builder.CellFormat.FitText = true;

builder.CellFormat.WrapText = true;

builder.CellFormat.Width = 25;

builder.Writeln("Description of Item(s) Requested");

// Insert a cell


builder.CellFormat.Width = 300;

builder.Writeln("Test Test");




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