Unable to perform MailMerge for word Document


When I open a Word document with Aspose.Word and then call the method MailMerge.GetFieldNamesEx(), an exception is thrown. All my word documents are working correctly except one document.

The Exception message thrown is by MailMerge.GetFIeldNamesEx:

"Non-negative number required."
"Parameter name: count"

Below is an extract for the calling sequence:

Dim m_Doc As Aspose.Word.Document
Dim l_merge_fields() As String

m_Doc = New Aspose.Word.Document(l_model_path)
l_merge_fields = m_Doc.MailMerge.GetFieldNamesEx()

Note: When using the Aspose Word evaluation version 2.1.5 we were able to do the mailmerge. Since we upgraded to version 2.1.14, the same Word document cannot be merged, we obtain an exception from Aspose.word.

I will send you my MSWord document as an e-mail attachment to the support e-mail address


Thank you for the document. We'll handle this problem and notify you immediately.