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Unable to process Jar entry


I have the same problem. When I deploy the aspose library aspose-words-19.5-jdk17.jar on Tom Cat 8.

Thanks for you investigation and reply.

After many tests I found that the tomcat error appear since Aspose version 18.12 (aspose-words-18.12-jdk16.jar).

With the version 18.10 (aspose-words-18.10-jdk16.jar) all is OK. I don’t have Tomcat error.

Tomcat 8 throwing this error


This is not an issue in Aspose.Words. Apache Commons BCEL (byte code engineering library) is used by Tomcat to scan annotations. The old Commons BCEL version did not know how to read the module-info.class file.

Look at Tomcat’s [change history].

Quote from fix 60688.

Commons BCEL has been updated to support this on Tomcat 8.0.42 and later, 8.5.12 and later, and 9.0.0 and later.

You can update Tomcat to version 8.0.42 or later to resolve this issue. Moreover, we suggest you please check the following link.