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Unable to read RVM

I’m trying to test the trial version of Aspose.3D.NET and I’m attempting to read an RVM file. The library doesn’t complain, but, the object appears to be virtually empty of information. I’ve tried saving as OBJ and GLFT and both result in very low byte count files. There are no errors thrown, but, it doesn’t actually seem.

            Scene scene = new Scene();
            var opt = new RvmLoadOptions()
                CylinderRadialSegments = 32,
                DishLatitudeSegments = 16,
                DishLongitudeSegments = 24,
                TorusTubularSegments = 40

            scene.Open(@"C:\sample\Sample.rvm", opt);
            scene.Save(@"c:\sample\Sample.obj", FileFormat.WavefrontOBJ);
            scene.Save(@"c:\sample\Sample.glft", FileFormat.GLTF);

FileFormat detects it as an “1.0/Binary/AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model”…which should be correct.

Any thoughts?


Please send us a ZIP of the RVM model. We will investigate your scenario and share our findings with you. Your response is awaited.

Here it (732.1 KB)

Sorry, try this one…although neither work…well, for some reason the larger (better) one fails to upload, but it doesn’t matter…none of my RVM files work…


We managed to replicate the said issues in our environment. We have logged investigations in our bug tracking system as follows:

THREEDNET-398: RVM to WavefrontOBJ - an empty document is created
THREEDNET-399: RVM to GLFT - an empty document is created

We have linked your post to these tickets and will keep you informed regarding any available updates. Besides this, we recommend our clients to post each problematic document because if the root cause is fixed, then all other documents will also be verified.