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Unable to set the Label Position for Bar Chart Datalabels

Is there a way to set the Datalabel position for a Bar chart? I can't find the method to do this setting.
I would like to set the alignment of datalabel position = Inside base


This feature is not supported yet.

when can we expect this feature be in?

It will be available in about 1-2 weeks.


Has this been resolved? If so, what's the method or property to call to change the datalabel alignment.



Hi James,

Please try the attached fix with the following sample code:

int chartIndex2 = excel.Worksheets[0].Charts.Add(ChartType.Column, 3, 0, 19, 6);
Chart chart2 = excel.Worksheets[0].Charts[chartIndex2];
chart2.NSeries[0].DataLabels.IsCategoryNameShown = true;
chart2.NSeries[0].DataLabels.Postion = LabelPositionType.InsideEnd;

Is there a way to rotate the datalabels?

No. This feature is not supported yet. We will check this feature and add it in the future release.