Unavailable Chart Type


In your programmers guide of Wiki for Excel, under Creating Charts, the sub category Chart Types shows a screen print for the Chart Type "stock", but the table containing the Type Code and Description beneath it are empty.

How do I create this type of chart?


Stock charts is not fully supported yet. Please try this attached version, it supports StockHighLowClose chart type.

Excel excel = new Excel();

Cells cells = excel.Worksheets[0].Cells;



int chartIndex = excel.Worksheets[0].Charts.Add(ChartType.StockHighLowClose, 11, 0, 27, 13);

Chart chart = excel.Worksheets[0].Charts[chartIndex];
chart.NSeries.Add("A1:c3", true);


Please let me know if you need to create other stock charts.


Thanks for the quick fix.

However, It's not drawing correctly. I have attached a document with what I'm getting and what I'm trying to get.


More code is needed to create such a chart. Could you please post your manually created Excel file with your desire chart here? It can help us to exactly know your need. Thank you very much.


I have attached the file that was sent to me by our client.



Please try this attached fix with the following sample code:

Excel excel = new Excel();

excel.Open("d:\\test\\prisa control chart.xls");


int chartIndex = excel.Worksheets[4].Charts.Add(ChartType.StockHighLowClose, 0, 0, 0, 0);

Chart chart = excel.Worksheets[4].Charts[chartIndex];
chart.NSeries.Add("'Data Table'!B7:N7", false);
chart.NSeries.Add("'Data Table'!B6:N6", false);
chart.NSeries.Add("'Data Table'!B8:N8", false);

chart.PlotArea.Area.ForegroundColor = Color.Silver;

chart.NSeries.CategoryData = "'Data Table'!B4:N4";
chart.CategoryAxis.CategoryType = CategoryType.CategoryScale;
chart.CategoryAxis.AxisBetweenCategories = false;
chart.CategoryAxis.AxisLine.Style = LineType.Dash;
chart.CategoryAxis.AxisLine.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;

chart.ValueAxis.MajorUnit = 0.25;
chart.ValueAxis.MinorUnit = 0.05;

chart.MajorGridLines.Style = LineType.Dot;

chart.Title.Text = "Prisa 945 Waist";
chart.Title.TextFont.IsBold = true;
chart.Title.TextFont.Size = 12;
chart.Legend.Position = LegendPositionType.Top;

chart.NSeries[0].Line.IsVisible = true;
chart.NSeries[0].Line.Color = Color.Blue;
chart.NSeries[0].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
chart.NSeries[0].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;
chart.NSeries[0].Smooth = true;
chart.NSeries[0].Name = "='Data Table'!A7";

chart.NSeries[1].Line.IsVisible = true;
chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Red;
chart.NSeries[1].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
chart.NSeries[1].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;
chart.NSeries[1].Smooth = true;
chart.NSeries[1].Name = "='Data Table'!A6";

chart.NSeries[2].Line.IsVisible = true;
chart.NSeries[2].Line.Color = Color.Blue;
chart.NSeries[2].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
chart.NSeries[2].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;
chart.NSeries[2].Smooth = true;
chart.NSeries[2].Name = "='Data Table'!A8";

excel.Worksheets[4].Zoom = 75;

Could you please tell me how you created the UCL and LCL line? I don't find them in Excel chart setting.


This works nicely!

I'll talk with our client and see how the created the UCL and LCL lines and I'll get back to you.

Thanks again for the responsiveness!