Unfreeze of Panes does not seem to reveal data in first Row of WorkSheet



I am using Aspose.Cells release 3.7. I have a small spreadsheet that I am trying to read. The first worksheet has a frozen pane which hides the first row on the spreadsheet. I access the file with the following lines of code in C# Visual Studio 2003:

Aspose.Cells.License xlLicense = new Aspose.Cells.License();



Aspose.Cells.Worksheet xlWS = xlObj.Worksheets[0];


string sTestString = xlWS.Cells[0,0].Value;

When I view the contents of xlWS.Cells[0,0], I get back the content of Cell A2. Given that I have called unfreezePanes, shouldn't I be getting back the content of cell A1? I am also finding that later in my code, calls to methods like ExportDataTableAsString(), and EndCellInColumn() also behave strangely. For example, if I use ExportDataTable, the 1st row seems to be invisible despite the UnfreezePanes() call, so I have to "cheat" and pass the starting row and column index as 0,0, not 1,0 as I would expect. EndCellInColumn returns a last active row that is 1 row short of the actual end of data.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet producing the issue, please let me know how to send it.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.

Kevin Bentley


Hi Kevin,

Please post your file and sample code here. Our forum allows to attach file.


Hello -

We discovered that Aspose is working just fine in the instance described in my post. Please disregard and thanks for your responsive support forums.