Hi Laurence,

I’m having a little trouble with unFreezePane (v3.7.2.0)

Dim xlwsheet As Worksheet = xlApp.Worksheets(“Level1”)


Everything works out great until I try to open my end results which
pops up with a message saying, Error Some data may have been lost.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Aparicio.

P.S. Have you had any look with my prior problem - saving file using


What happens if you don't call UnFreezePanes method?

I am checking your prior problem.


Please try this attached fix to see if it solves your these two problems.



Thank you for that fix! It fixed the problem I was having saving but it still hasn't fixed the unFreezePane problem.

If i comment out unFreezePane the solution works as it's suppose to.

This is the actually message I get when trying to open the new workbook, "File error: data may have been lost."

Thank you again for your speedy results,

Michael Aparicio


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your information. I found and solved this problem. Please try this attached fix.


I’m sorry Laurence but I’m still getting the error.


Please check if this new dll is deployed with your application.

Could you send your file to me? I tested with an old Excel file from you and it worked fine.


I’m using the dll you attached two posts ago.

I’m still getting the error. This is my code:
'------------------------- Data Tab Alterations -----------------------
Dim dataSheet As Worksheet = xlapp.Worksheets(“Data”)
dataSheet.FreezePanes(“X4”, 4, ExcelHelper.ColumnNameToIndex(“X”))

'------------------------- Calc Tab Alterations -----------------------
Dim calcSheet As Worksheet = xlapp.Worksheets(“Calc”)

I’m not sure if I’m using the FreezePanes method correctly. Attached you’ll find the workbook I’m working with.

Thanks for your help.


I tried with following code and don't find any problem:

Excel excel = new Excel();
Worksheet dataSheet = excel.Worksheets["Data"];
dataSheet.FreezePanes("X4", 4, ExcelHelper.ColumnNameToIndex("X"));

Worksheet calcSheet = excel.Worksheets["Calc"];


Attached is output file. Could you post your output file here?


what i attach here cannot be downloaded by other people, correct?


Yes. Your attachment can be only downloaded by yourself and Aspose developers.


Here you go. This output contains data and everything.


Please try this v3.8.1.14.


sorry laurence,

I’m still getting the same error.


Could you please post more of your code about this problem? I cannot reproduce your problem on my machine. Thank you very much.