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Unicode problems converting msg file to word doc

I need to convert msg files to word documents. I convert them to mhtml using Aspose.Network.Mail, open the mhtml in Aspose.Words, and then save it as a .docx.

Before I save the mhtml file I set MailMessage.BodyEncoding and MailMessage.PreferredTextEncoding to Unicode. If I look at the mhtml files through windows, they look fine, even if they contain Unicode. But when I open the mhtml files through Aspose.Words, the non-ASCII characters are invalid. If I save the files as .docx files and open them in word, the characters are bad, too.

So far, the only emails I have with non-ASCII characters are proprietary emails. But I'm sure I can put together a non-proprietary repro case.


Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes it would be great if you could attach a sample document which would allow us to reproduce the issue on our side. Please let us know if this is possible.