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Unicodebig is not a supported encoding name. Parameter name: name

I just purchased this product, along with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, and my first attempt to create and fill out a form was unsuccessful. I received an error saying that unicodebig is not a supported encoding name. Is this something that can be configured through Acrobat, or is there some other way to fix this?

Peter Newell

Dear Newell,

Thanks for considering aspose.

I will check the problem now. Perhaps it's the problem of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional providing new encoding.
Could you send your template pdf and the exact error string to me. This is the email

Best regards.

I found the problem… I was trying to create the form with Adobe Designer, which makes a different type of form… Sorry for the trouble.

Dear pnewell,

It dosen’t matter at all.
Congratulations for you to have resolved that problem.

I just ran into the same error. I have purchased and am using Aspose.Pdf.Forms and I am using Adobe Forms Designer to create a form to fill. I have attached the PDF file.

Dear anemitoff,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Form.
I have tested your pdf file, it just throws that error. That is a bug in our product. But after I fixed that bug, I used Aspose.Pdf.Form to set the field’s value, it still couldn’t work.

Later I analyzed the causes, and found that the version of the pdf file you provided is pdf 1.6, but our product can’t support the version.

While as you saw, another user pnewell, has resolved that problem, I have asked him about the details.
Anyway we will provide a solution for you ASAP, to support higher pdf version or give new advices to you according to pnewell.

Best regards.

Dear anemitoff,

After I analyzed the problem carefully and asked the user pnewell, I think current solution for you to resolve the problem is not to use Adobe Designer in Acrobat 7 Professional to create the form, instead use the Advanced Editing tools in Acrobat.
The form created by Adobe Designer has a odd charset which Aspose.Pdf.Form can't support currently.
It seems that the Advanced Editing tools can only be used in Acrobat 6 or lower.

I will find out a better resolution for ASAP. And sorry for giving you so much inconvenience.

Best regards.

Dear anemitoff,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The support to unicode of field will be supported in next version which will be released in next month.
1) Unicode strings for field names will be supported which is generally used in Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

2) Unicode strings for field values will be supported.

Best regards.