Uninstall of Aspose.Cells fails!


Friday afternoon I found myself having to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. I performed the uninstall, but now the reinstall fails on J# 1.1 with an Error code 1603. Since this appears to be related to having something “incompatible” already installed, I’ve been trying to uninstall any dependent or related software to see if I can resolve this problem.

I now find I am unable to uninstall Aspose.Cells, and attempting to Repair my Aspose.Cells install also is failing. Both result in a fatal installer error.

While this may or may not be related to my original J# problem, it sure seems bad to have Aspose.Cells installed on my machine in a state where both Repair and Remove installs are failing.



I thought I’d pass along what I’ve learned since my earlier posting…

1 - It seems that somehow my .NET Framework 1.1 on my Windows 2003 Server has been corrupted, and thus the machine is quite a mess. I have no idea how this corruption occured, but suspect it has everything to do with why I can’t uninstall Aspose.Cells. I will retry this once I’ve got the OS fixed, but that might require a reinstall of Windows, which would just make the issue go away.

2 - I now know one reason you might not want to use Windows 2003 server as the OS on a primary development machine. .NET Framework 1.1 is an integral part of the OS, so if it gets corrupted, you have much bigger problems than if you were running Windows XP or Windows 2000.


I don't think Aspose.Cells causes your .net framework crashes. Instead, I think it's the crash of you .net framework fails Aspose.Cells. Many users use Aspose.Cells under .NET Framework 1.1.

Generally I think the root reason of your problem is that your windows installer is crashed. You may have to reinstall windows installer.

Aspose.Cells installation program only does following things:

1. Write files in the destination folder.

2. Create vitual directory in IIS for Aspose.Cells demos.